Greek Sunset (poem) – ‘flash & cinder’, to be published 2019
two plums (poem) – ‘The Fenland Reed’, to be published Spring 2019

Strangeness and the Kindness of Strangers (poem) – ‘The High Window’, June 2019
bananas in india (poem) – ‘Allegro Poetry Magazine’, June 2019
A Cemetery and a Mountain (creative nonfiction) – ‘Mused’, April 2019
Plastic Bag Lover (creative nonfiction) – ‘Mused’, April 2019
Pretending to Sleep (creative nonfiction) – ‘Burnt Pine Magazine’, March 2019
a quiet neighbour (poem) – ‘London Grip’, March 2019
In Memory of Two Lives (poem) – ‘BARNHOUSE Journal’, Jan 2019
Doctor’s Bag (poem) – ‘Sentinel Literary Quarterly magazine’, Jan 2019
My Brother (creative nonfiction) – ‘Adelaide Magazine’, Jan 2019


Apollo Nikodeimos Papanicolau (short story) – ‘Scrittura Magazine’, Dec 2018
Olivia’s Baby (short story) – ‘Scrittura Magazine’ , Dec 2018
from day to night (poem) – ‘Ice Pop Poetry’, Dec 2018
The Miracles of St Naum (travel story) – ‘Riggwelter’, Nov 2018
of dogs and dreams (poem) – ‘Constellate Literary Journal’, Nov 2018
remember (poem) – ‘Foxglove Journal’, Nov 2018
Annie (poem) – ‘Amaryllis’, Sept 2018; republished by Gillian Prew, Feb 2019
Philoxenia (creative nonfiction) – ‘JMWW Journal’, Sept 2018
Oak Tree & Warning (poems) – ‘Now Then Manchester: Word Life’, Messages Issue, Sept 2018
Two Suitcases in Kuching (travel story) – ‘Riggwelter’, Aug 2018
In Transit (creative nonfiction) – ‘Eunoia Review’, Aug 2018
Bonsai (poem) – ‘The Writers’ Cafe Magazine’, Into the Trees Issue, Aug 2018
Water Fight in Thailand (travel story) – ‘Wanderlust’, Aug 2018
The Sweetness of Figs (creative nonfiction) – ‘River Teeth Journal: Beautiful Things’, July 2018
The Friendship is Over (poem) – ‘Nine Muses Poetry’, July 2018; republished by Gillian Prew, 2019
nanna’s garden (poem) – ‘Words for the Wild Anthology’ & online, July 2018
My Life in a Box (creative nonfiction) – ‘Mused: Bella Online Literary Review’, June 2018
Rosa and her Rose-coloured Glasses (children’s story) – ‘The Patchwork Raven Children’s Bedtime Stories Anthology’, June 2018
The Incredibly Perfect Stranger (flash fiction) – ‘So Bad, It’s Good: The NVWG Bad Writing Competition Anthology’, to be published 2019
Mum’s Garden (microlit) – featured in the ‘Connecting You Now’ project, Joynton Ave Creative Centre, Green Square (Sydney, Australia), May-June 2018, & ‘RingWORD’ installation at Artspace at Realm (Melbourne, Australia), Feb-March 2018; published in ‘Landmarks’, March 2017
surrender (poem) – ‘Now Then Manchester: Word Life’, Travel Issue, April 2018
Counting Backwards (poem) – ‘Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2018’, March 2018
her last place on earth (poem)‘Allegro Poetry Magazine’, March 2018
Princess Camellia (short story) – ‘Scrittura Magazine’, Spring 2018
A Lot to Say (memoir) – ‘The Creative Truth, Vol. 7’ , Feb 2018
Love Letter (microlit) – ‘Now Then Manchester: Word Life’, Love Issue, Feb 2018
The Light Through Your Window (poem) – ‘The Pangolin Review’, Jan 2018
and you, little bird (poem) – ‘Panoply’, Jan 2018; republished by Gillian Prew, Feb 2019


Jacks (poem) – ‘Foxglove Journal’, Dec 2017
Wreckage (poem) – ‘Magma Poetry’, Dec 2017
Hairy Petunia (flash fiction) – ‘101 Words’, Dec 2017
Missing You (poem) – ‘Foxglove Journal’, Nov 2017
Balinese Cremation (poem) – ‘Foxglove Journal’, Nov 2017
Airport Girl (poem) – ‘Peeking Cat Anthology’, Oct 2017
Digital Strangers (creative nonfiction) – ‘DNA Magazine – Identity Issue’, Sept 2017
Subtraction (poem) – ‘Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine’, Sept 2017
Like a Bird (flash fiction) – ‘The Literary Nest’, Feature of the Week, June 2017
Remember When (creative nonfiction) – ‘DNA Magazine – Lists Issue’, June 2017
Unwelcomed Guests (travel story) – ‘Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016 Anthology’, May 2017
Aldeburgh (poem) ‘Mused: Bella Online Literary Review’, Spring Issue 2017
350 Words (poem) – ‘Mused: Bella Online Literary Review’, Spring Issue 2017
My Mum, the Wild Indian (poem) – ‘Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology 2017’, March 2017


Save Our Beaches (creative nonfiction) – ‘Writing Outside the Flags: 30th Year Anniversary Anthology 1986-2016′, Coffs Harbour Writers’ Group, Nov 2016
A Child’s Cruel Game (flash fiction) – ‘From the Depths 2016: Outsiders’, Oct 2016
Absence (memoir) – ‘The Creative Truth, Vol. 1’, Aug 2016 & ‘Mused: Bella Online Literary Review’, Fall Issue 2016
Into the Sky (flash fiction) – ‘Indiana Voice Journal – Freedom Issue’, July 2016
Soup and Lasagne (poem) – ‘Mused: Bella Online Literary Review’, Fall Issue 2016
Life Sentence (a few words about writing life) – ‘Ms Lexia’ magazine, June Issue 2016
Chimpanzee Friend (flash fiction) – ‘The Greensilk Journal’, Spring Issue 2016