Lisa’s writing began with a sea change. After five years of teaching writing to teachers in Sydney, Australia, she moved north to beautiful Sapphire Beach and began writing.

In 2014, Lisa completed her first feature screenplay, Still Life, a character-driven family drama. Since then, she has written her third feature, a number of short scripts and short stories, as well as creative non-fiction, flash fiction and travel stories. Her most recent interest is poetry.

Lisa won the Earlyworks Press Poetry Competition 2019. She gained third prize in the Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition (May 2018) and received a highly commended (Top 5) in the poetry category of the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2017. Her writing has been recognised in numerous international screenwriting competitions, including the Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Contest, Reel Writers Screenwriting Contest, Aura Screenwriter Awards and ‘Create50: The Impact’ Short Screenplay Competition. Lisa’s work has also been published in a variety of journals and anthologies.

In her other life, Lisa was a literacy consultant. She was State Dance Coordinator at The Arts Unit for three years. She directed and coordinated dance performances such as The Schools Spectacular, which is televised each year on ABC TV. Lisa has also worked as a primary teacher, special educator, autism outreach teacher, and a drug and road safety education consultant.

Otherwise, Lisa spends most of her time travelling.


    1. Hi there! You can follow me, but I do not have a subscription facility. I do not write a regular blog and usually just post brief updates. Thanks for checking in with me! L 🙂

  1. Very lovely writing about Saint Naum.
    I visited there in 2014 with my Macedonian Husband and Mother in law
    My daughter was dealing with massive health issues and today I can say she is better than she was then
    I was in Macedonia this year for the passing of my Mother In law but time was short so we didn’t visit Saint Naum again
    Due to the very long flights home to Melbourne Australia
    Hope your heath improved.
    Hard times now post covid.
    Regards Mary

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